Need Multilingual Graphic Design? We’ve Got You Covered.

Your business is going so well, you decide to reach a wider market. You’re creating a new brochure for your services that will attract a broader audience. You’ve got the copy written, the logo designed, and everything laid out perfectly. Fantastic! Now you need to translate it for an Asian market. Will your work hold up abroad?

More and more, people need translation services for their businesses. With the internet making the world so much smaller, global business is becoming the norm. Unless you can translate your work appropriately, your business will be left behind. But even once the words are translated, you still need to get them designed beautifully and clearly. Is your English-only graphic designer up to the task?  

Creating Something New

It can be tricky creating a new design for a foreign market. InDesign requires special files for design projects involving Asian languages, and most graphic designers just aren’t equipped. Here at UNO Translations and Communications, we not only have the skills to translate your work, but we can create multilingual designs for you, as well. 

Not only will your brochure be grammatically correct, we’ll also ensure that the words we choose are culturally appropriate, and reflect your message accurately. Then, we’ll make sure all the information is accurately translated into a brochure or flyer or directory, and designed with style. When everything is designed to your liking, we’ll present you with an INDD file to take to the printer. Simple!

Working With What You’ve Got

Do you already have a brochure you like? Excellent! We understand how important it is to have a cohesive brand. We can work with your existing design, as well, to create new versions of your work in different languages. Simply present us with your existing INDD file, and we’ll plug in all the necessary translations, into any language you want! 

You can have the exact same content ready to present to your English-speaking clients, your Spanish-speaking clients, your Mandarin-speaking clients, and everyone in between! All of your clients will receive the same information presented in the same way, but in a way that each can understand clearly. We can even update your logo to include words in the languages spoken by your audience. 

We at UNO Translations and Communications work in over 250 languages, so whatever your translation or graphic design needs are, we can meet them. If you’d like more information on our graphic design services, contact us now. We’re looking forward to helping you share your content with a wider, multilingual audience!  


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