Preparing Your Website For Non-English Speakers: Website Translation + Localization

Have you ever visited a website that wasn’t written in English? Chances are, you’ve seen a little icon pop up asking if you’d like your computer to translate the page for you. And, if you’ve accepted the translation, chances are that translation has left… a lot to be desired.

While translation technology has come a long way, it still has a long way to go. Translation tech can create literal translations of words and phrases, it lacks the nuance and cultural understanding that a human translator has. Leaving your website’s copy up to auto translate can create some hilarious translation fails at best but, at the worst, it can create offense and confusion.

While it may not matter much when a personal blog is improperly translated, it can cause big problems for people in certain industries.

First and foremost, the travel and tourism industry. If you’re creating a website for a major tourist attraction, or popular travel destination, you want visitors from around the globe to be able to access information about ticketing, attractions, hours of operation, and directions in their own language. The Musee d’Orsee in France does this well. Their website is available in 9 different languages, ensuring that anyone who wants to visit their museum has the ability to do so.

Having a properly translated website is also important for professionals. Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, government agency, or other business working one-on-one with clients, it’s important that all your information is both available and correct for any visitor to your website. Don’t worry if you don’t have an interpreter on staff to serve these new clients you’ve attracted – we provide over-the-phone interpretation services in more than 250 languages.  

You’ve worked hard on the copy for your website. Chances are you hired someone who could express exactly who you are, and provide clear, concise information to the public about what you do. Why leave all that work to chance? (And by chance, I mean automated translation software.) We can make sure your website is translated accurately into any of our 250+ languages, so it reads as seamlessly in that language as it does in English.

Getting started is easier than you think. It just involves sending a quick message to UNO Translations + Communications. Whatever your target market, we’ve got you covered! Get in touch with us today, and let’s make your website accessible to anyone who wants to read it – no matter where they’re from or what language they speak.


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