About Us

The dedicated team built by UNO combines linguistic and creative professionals with UNO project managers and leaders. What do all these people have in common? They all believe in providing premier language and multimedia services – from the heart. Through our proven methodology that is driven by our people and processes, UNO delivers products that go beyond words on a page or screen – connecting people and communities.

Our Legacy

UNO is an established and proven linguistic partner with 25 years of experience in the industry – providing language and multimedia services, with a boutique touch. The UNO team of linguists, creative professionals, project managers and leaders are all committed to providing a final product that wows our clients – and their stakeholders. Hear more about UNO’s legacy from our team.

Our Linguists

The talented linguists assembled by UNO combine their passion for languages with extensive backgrounds in all business sectors, as well as experience working in government and social services. Our linguists are subject-matter experts, many with advanced degrees, and are required to have at least five years of translation experience in their area of expertise.

Our Creative Professionals

The creative professionals assembled by UNO can enhance the impact of our translations by providing visuals, emotional context, humor, and dramatic effect. Our creative professionals work with our linguists so that we can help you deliver your message in any language, and in any form of media.

Our Project Managers

Translation and project managers are an integral part of every project we accept. They work directly with our clients to understand their goals, assign the right team of translators, and oversee our rigorous three-point quality assurance process. For clients who are new to the translation business, UNO can provide invaluable support and information through every stage of your project.

Our Leadership

Brigitta Toruño, CEO & Founder of UNO Translations

Brigitta Toruño


Guillermo Toruño

Vice President of Operations

UNO Guiding Principles

There is far more to translation than just translating words. Expertly translated communications maintain the original intent of the message – appealing to the audience’s values and beliefs, evoking feelings, and making an impact.


Treat everyone with dignity, integrity, and respect. Abide by applicable laws, rules, and regulations


Strive for mutual respect and trust in relationships. Conduct business with generosity and kindness.


Quality control and cultural awareness are of the utmost importance and must be applied to all work.


Clear, open, honest communication in all aspects of business is the key to strong, successful relationships.


All business should be conducted with patience, flexibility, and an innate curiosity to help identify solutions to problems.

Our Commitment to Quality

The quality of our work starts with the quality of our professionals. We thoroughly screen all linguists and creative professionals and take the time to verify their credentials and check their references. Candidates are then required to provide sample translations or portfolios, which are reviewed for accuracy and quality. Once we are satisfied that they meet our working standards, we begin assigning them to teams and closely monitor their projects.

UNO Vision

Language services are a humanitarian endeavor for UNO Translations. We are one humanity – meant to serve each other.

UNO Mission

Serving the community by providing language and communication services is heart-centered work for UNO.

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