Communications go far beyond the written word. 

Voiceover narration, synchronized with the visuals, can create a seamless audio-visual experience for your audience.  Professional voiceover narration can enhance the impact of visuals by providing emotional context, humor, or dramatic effect. 

250+ Languages

Translating your original scripts

Completing comprehensive narration and voice‑over services

Identifying appropriate professional voice‑over talent

Designing original videos and e‑Learning content

Any Form of Media

UNO can help you deliver your message in many languages through any form of media.

Powerful Narration

A skilled voiceover artist can significantly impact the effectiveness of voiceover narration. The voice should be clear, expressive, and match the tone and purpose of the content. Good voiceover narration should seamlessly integrate with the visuals, enhancing the overall viewer experience and understanding.

See how our translation services can be bundled with consulting and creative services to help you create video and audio in all the languages your customers speak.

Not Reading Between the Lines, But at the Bottom of a Screen

Subtitles are textual translations or transcriptions of the spoken dialogue that we add to video or film. UNO can help you build out unique subtitles, or we can generate the necessary SRT or SCC files that you can add to your final product. The choice is yours! Subtitles enhance the accessibility and reach of your video content, allowing creators to connect with more diverse audiences across different languages and cultures. Subtitling plays a crucial role in making media more inclusive and accommodating to individuals with disabilities.

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