Worried About Your Script Translating To A Spanish Audience? We’ve Got You Covered.

You’ve got a great idea for your upcoming ad campaign. It’s on-brand, it’s funny, and you’ve got a killer script written. You’re ready to roll on commercial production. But wait, are you forgetting something?

You May Want to Create a Spanish Version

Did you know that, as of 2023, there were approximately 42 million native Spanish-speakers in the United States? That works out to roughly 13% of the American population. In fact, the US is the fourth largest Spanish speaking country in the world – having 40 times the number of Spanish speakers of any other country where Spanish is not an official language. That’s a whole lot of the population who would benefit from having a commercial made with them in mind.

In addition, the Spanish language channels, like Univision is the 7th most watched network of 2022. Back in 2016, its newscasts were ranked #1 and #2 in the entire country. Running your TV spot during one of those newscasts is a smart idea, if you want to get it seen.

Okay, great. Your English script is ready, now all you have to do is translate it, right?

Well, I hate to throw a wrench in your plans, but . . . no.

A Direct Translation Isn’t Always the Way to Go

Sure, you could plug your script into an automated program or platform, and each word would *probably* come out correctly. But what happens when you string those words together? Let’s look at the idiom we used above – “throw a wrench in your plans”. A popular online translator will spit out, “lanza una llave en tus planes”. The words are all correct, but the meaning is lost in translation.

For English speakers, it would be like if the Germans gave you a literal translation of their idiom “das is mir Wurst”. To them, it means something along the lines of “I couldn’t care less.” But if you translated it literally, you’d read, “this is sausage to me”. If the words are translated, but not the meaning, your translation has failed.

Why You Need a Human Translator

Now, if you went to a human translator, they’d take your “throw a wrench in your plans” and give you “suponer un obstaculo,” which gives a Spanish audience the correct meaning of “hinder”. They can help in other ways, too. There are many cultural differences between Latin Americans and English-Speaking Americans. From sports to family life, there are slight changes you can make to create a commercial that better speaks to your Spanish speaking audience.

At UNO Translations and Communications, we can help you ensure your script is both linguistically correct and appealing to a Spanish audience. And our services don’t end there! We can also provide you with professional voiceover talent to communicate your message clearly and effectively. If you’re ready to get started, you can request a free quote now – or give us a call at 571-333-5515.

You’ve worked hard on your advertising – don’t let it get lost in translation. We’re here to help you make the most of your marketing, in any language.


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