What Is It Like Working With UNO?

If you’re asking this question – chances are – you haven’t worked with us before.  Which is GREAT!  We love working with new clients – and folks “new” to translation.

Currently, our system is simple and people driven.  We pride ourselves on our boutique touch and versatility – we take the time to know our clients and their projects end to end.  But no matter how challenging or unique a project may be, at UNO, they all start the exact same way…with a simple email.

Checking In At The Gate

To get a translation project started, reach out to teams@unotranslations.com – or complete our contact us form here on the website.  Either way, you’ll be put in touch with one of our professional project managers ASAP.

In your initial email, include your document (or possibly a website link or InDesign file – depending on the project) you’d like to have translated.  Let us know what language(s) you need and when the final product must be delivered by.  If there are any other project-related specifics, share those with us, too.  

Need a fast turnaround?  No worries, we can do that!  Multiple languages?  Of course!  Additional, related services?  Let’s talk about that!

Preparing For Take Off

Clients come to us at all stages of translation – maybe they just need a single flyer prepared.  Or maybe their entire website needs translating, but in phases.  Perhaps they are creating a document for print and only have an InDesign file. Or the contrary – their in-house graphic designers only want the translated text provided in a word document or spreadsheet, so they can create the final, branded document themselves.  

You see – there is an endless number of possibilities and options, and if you don’t know exactly what you need…. you’re not alone!  

It’s super common for us to walk through our processes and related service offerings (think graphic design) with our clients. We want to understand the full scope of your project and final goals – and create a comprehensive plan just for you.  We’re happy to take the time and think through all these steps with you – because we realize it’s easy to “not know what you don’t know” when it comes to translation!

All Engines Go

Once we have all your project specifics, we can generate a detailed estimate. Estimates are provided via email for your review.  For translation, we charge per word + a standard administrative fee.  Other fees (like rush fees, notarization fees, minimum charges, etc.) may be incurred, depending on the needs and scope of your individual project.  Any questions regarding your estimate can be answered by your project manager – we’re happy to address any you may have!

Once you approve the estimate, the magic happens…

Smooth Sailing

Your project manager will identify the best possible translator(s) and/or designer(s) to handle your project – based on their professional experience, background knowledge and availability.  All our professionals have at least 5 years of experience and leverage technology to create a superior product – that is accurate, culturally sensitive and ascetically beautiful.  

In the meantime, you can sit back and tackle the other million things you probably need to do!  Any questions in the meantime?  Changes that need to be addressed?  No problem – reach out to your project manager to take care of those. 

Coming In For A Landing

We complete internal QA checks before delivering all final products.  Once those are completed successfully, we deliver the final product to you – right on time.  Review your project with your team.  Any questions or concerns?  We’ll always take your feedback seriously. We want to make sure we address any concerns you might have and resolve them quickly and professionally.  

Once your delivered project is just as you envisioned, we’ll get the final invoice emailed to you.  We kindly request payment within 30 days of delivery and accept cash, check, credit card, and P-cards.  

Frequent Flyers

In all honesty, the process for our other services is VERY similar.  Looking for an interpreter (in-person, virtual or phone)?  Need voiceover services, narration, or subtitles?  Localization?  Graphic design?  Just land in our inbox to get your next project started!

There is a reason that UNO has been in the language service industry for 25 years – and we think our clients would agree that we provide exceptional work, at competitive prices with outstanding customer service.

Hopefully, this clears the air – and we catch you at our terminal (or email inbox) soon!


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